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Tips for painting furniture ombre effect

Being able to use paint to transform raw pine, wooden or melamine furniture is an affordable way to give dated or boring furniture a brand new look.

Ombre effect for furniture:

1. If you're painting raw wood furniture, it's always a good idea to give everything a light sanding with 240-grit sanding pads or sandpaper. This will give a silky smooth finish that is perfect for painting.





2. Apply wood primer to all the surfaces. The reason for applying wood primer is that, sometimes you get bleed through the paint layers - no matter how many layers you apply. The wood primer blocks this and prevents any bleed from spoiling your painted finish.

GOOD  TO KNOW: Use a sheen - or washable - paint to paint your chest of drawers.

3. Paint the frame of the cabinet in white. You will need to apply two coats, with drying time between the first and second coat.

4. For the drawers, paint one drawer in a solid colour of your choice - again applying two coats.

5. To paint the next drawer, add some white paint to your solid colour to lighten the hue and repeat this process for the third drawer. This way you are using one can of white and one can of solid colour and simply using white paint to get an ombre effect.