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Use paint to achieve 3D effects

Paint doesn't have to be flat when you can use it to add 3D detail and modern paint effects to transform dull living spaces. Here are some ideas for modern paint techniques that are anything but boring!


Here's a clever way to make low ceilings feel higher, introduce levels of colour, and add interest to walls. Take three hues from a single colour swatch card and apply these to divide up walls. Apply the darker colour to the lower half of the wall, and divide the remaining two colours on the upper half of the wall.





With this technique you don't have to worry about staying within the lines - let the paint roller merge the different colours together, or use a rag to roughen up the edges.

Pop into your local Prominent Paints store and grab some colour swatches before selecting your choice of paint and transform walls.

Don't settle for flat walls when you can add your own detailing. Start off by painting the entire wall in a neutral colour. Mark out chalk lines with a spirit level as a guide. Using a paintbrush, take colours from the room or add contrasting colours and apply these freehand to a wall. Vary the thickness of the strokes by turning the paintbrush sideways to add even more interest.

Accent colours
Colour accents can provide a finishing touch to any room. If you need to add a punch of colour to refresh and wake up a space choose colours that complement the decor, or take your colour cues from items already in the room.

Patterned with paint
Replicate trendy patterns using paint. After painting a wall in your choice of colour, allow to dry before lightly brushing a contrasting colour over the top. Use a paintbrush to apply a liberal dab of paint and then brush out to the sides using a gentle feathering stroke. Save money by buying enough paint for applying the base coat, and a 1 litre for the accent pattern. Prominent Paints offers the most affordable, quality paints available.

Using the conventional method to apply gradients can be tricky if you don't know how. The method shown here uses two colours (both from the same colour swatch card). The darker colour is applied to the lower section of the wall and the lighter to the top section. Use a paint roller to apply the paint and then feather the wet edges with a paintbrush or rag.

Bold colour
Rather than paint large areas in a single bold colour, use several contrasting colours to create a bold 3D effect. Choose a combination of light and dark colours and let the lighter colours enhance darker details and highlight features and trim. 

Soft contrast
Hues of pink and cream soften the sharp edges and create a rosy glow in a south-facing bedroom. The ornamental fireplace is painted in a dusty pink that warms the room - even without a fire!

Functional and fun
Chalkboard paint continues to feature in homes as a way to create a practical feature wall. A matt black wall lets accent furniture stand out. 

Pretty with pattern
Still on the subject of matt paints. Paint a wall in flat matt to add a fun design. Use a white Sharpie pen or permanent marker to draw interesting and playful art.