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How to paint a rug with spray paint!

I recently came across a post where a rug was painted with a stencil design. Having used my Rust-Oleum spray paints on fabric and furniture, there's no reason why you can't use it on rugs and mats as well.


However, this technique is best left to small designs, as the spray paint does cause the pile to be slightly hard where painted, but this does soften over time.

Thanks to Sawdust and Embryos for showing us you can paint a rug!


Boring solid color rug
Rust-Oleum 2X Painter's Touch
Masking tape
Tape measure






Step 1
First off you will need to find a nice, large stencil - or make your own. Divide the rug into strips that will allow you to place the stencil around the edge - or wherever - to create a pleasing pattern. Use masking tape to section off the areas where the stencil will be placed.

Step 2
After taping down the stencil and covering the surrounding area with newspaper, you are ready to spray. Be sure to open all windows and doors - spray paint is smelly.

Step 3
Continue around the rug, carefully placing and positioning the stencil within your marked guides. The paint won't wash out or wear away, but it will soften over time.