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Create a Tuscan wall effect

Tuscan accents is a two-colour paint process resembling antique Italian finishes in its unmistakable warmth and character. Bringing to mind old-world charm, it will add a sense of history to your decor.


Choose from gorgeous colours inspired by Italy’s beautiful cities and countryside. This timeworn look appeals to a classic decorating style and will contribute to an environment of sophistication and total comfort.

Prominent Paints satin - light base coat
Prominent Paints satin - darker main coat*
Prominent Paints scumble glaze
Colour washing brush
Soft natural bristle brush

*Choose light and dark colours from the same paint swatch.






Step 1
Apply the light base coat with roller, and allow to dry for 24 hours.

Step 2
Add scumble glaze to your main colour, according to instructions. Using a large colour washing brush, apply the main paint colour in small crisscross “X” patterns. Work in 1-metre square sections using random strokes and filling in all white spaces. Use a light touch, and vary your strokes to create random “X” patterns.

Step 3
In the same section, and without reloading the brush while the painted section is still wet, blend the “X” pattern brush strokes using long, sweeping motions going both vertical and horizontal. (This ensures a blended, smooth appearance.)

Step 4
Wait 10 minutes or until the surface has started to lose the “wet look.” Use a soft natural brush to “open” the raised white particles on the surface. Hold the smoother at a 30-degree angle to the surface Using a light touch, sweep the smoother over the surface in random patterns using both sides of the smoother. Use a lighter touch and vary the direction of each stroke. If scratches or streaks occur, you may be attempting to smooth too soon or pressing too hard.