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Chalk paint to paint a floor

Use chalk paint to paint a floor with a unique finish with your own desired pattern. You can leave natural or apply a clear coat finish.


Chalk paint is a great product for painting floors - with or without a stencil design. Chalk paint is formulated to distress over time, so if you don't like this look - use a different paint for painted floors. This floor has two options for finish: either use a polyurethane floor sealer, or apply a waxed finish.

GOOD TO KNOW:  Once a wax is applied, the floor needs to be treated as such and no abrasive detergents should be used when cleaning. Wax is water-resistant but will stain if any water spills aren't removed immediately. For this reason, don't have a waxed floor in wet areas. You will need to reapply a thin coat of wax from time to time when you can no longer buff the surface to a shine.


Chalk paint, in your choice of colour/s


Sprayable adhesive

Sugar soap

Scrubbing brush

Foam and paint roller

Paint tray

Bucket of clean water

Fired Earth Soft Wax or polyurethane sealer to finish

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Scrub the floor using sugar soap to ensure that all stains are removed. If the floor was previously painted, it’s a good idea to lightly sand with 120-grit sandpaper for maximum paint adhesion.

GOOD TO KNOW: When painting unsealed concrete, prime it with plaster primer or simply paint straight onto the clean surface with chalk paint.

1. Use a paint roller for semi-smooth to rough surfaces and apply at least two coats of chalk paint, allowing drying time between coats.

2. If you're going to add a stencil design, first spray a generous coating of sprayable adhesive onto the back of the stencil.

3. Press the stencil firmly onto the floor with your finger, making sure the stencil is flat on the floor to prevent the paint from bleeding around the edges.

4. Use a foam roller to gently cover the stencil with chalk paint. Don't overload the roller if you want to avoid excessive bleed.

5. Lift up a corner to gently peel off the stencil. Repeat over the floor to finish your design.


Allow the paint to dry overnight before sealing. There are two options to consider:

- For a hardwearing finish, use a clear polyurethane sealer for floors. This finish is easy to apply, easy to clean and more durable than the wax finish.

- If you love the distressed look and are prepared to put in some extra effort, apply a wax finish of two thin coats of Fired Earth Clear Wax followed eight to 12 hours later by a brisk buffing session.