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Faux bois - faux wood technique

Thanks to Woodoc Gel Stain, it is now possible to create a faux wood finish on supawood. The gel formula of Woodoc Gel Stain is not quickly absorbed into the wood and means that it does not run and seep into the surrounding area, making it perfect for using with a Wood Grain Rocker to create the look of faux wood.


Before you tackle a complicated project like the one above, use squares of supawood to practice your technique on beforehand.


Woodoc Gel Stain in 2 colours (a light and dark colour preferably)
Rubber gloves
Woodoc steelwool
Woodoc 10 interior sealer
Small sponges






1. Cover the entire area with a liberal amount of Woodoc gel stain. Rub over the surface but leave plenty of gel behind to work with.

2. Place the rocker at the top - or bottom edge of the board and gently glide across the surface - rocking as you go along to achieve the different grain. Start again from the top for the next row. Let dry.

3. Apply a liberal amount of Woodoc 10 with a paintbrush, stroking from top to bottom. You will see that the sealer is quickly absorbed and you will need to immediately re-apply until it is no longer quickly absorbed. Let dry. Apply a second and third coat to the surface, allowing drying time between each coat.