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How to apply dragging paint technique

Although dragging looks great as a treatment on an accent wall, you can use this versatile technique for an entire room as well.



Foam roller and roller tray
Extension rod
Weaver brush
Plumb bob or weighted string
Tape measure
Coloured pencil that matches top-coat paint
Plascon scumble glaze
Plascon Double Velvet, Wall & All or Cashmere paint in two related shades






Step 1
Apply basecoat to the surface and let dry. Use a plumb bob or string weighted down with a washer to mark vertical guidelines every 600mm. Have a partner hold the plumb bob in place (or adhere it to the wall with masking tape) as you mark lightly along the string with a colour pencil that matches the top-coat colour.

Step 2
In a plastic container, mix one part glaze, one part paint, and one part water; stir until blended. Pour the glaze mixture into a roller tray. Load a roller with glaze and blot off excess on the tray; then roll the glaze onto the wall. Start at an upper corner and roll down, applying glaze in vertical strokes; use an extension rod to ensure continuous strokes. Apply glaze in a band approximately two roller widths wide.

Step 3
Standing on top of a stool or small stepladder, press a weaver brush against the still-wet glaze, starting at the top edge of the surface. Drag the brush straight down with consistent pressure. As you move down the wall, bend, squat, or slowly step off the stool to keep the motion consistent.

Step 4
After each dragging pass, wipe off the glaze-saturated brush with a clean, slightly moist rag. Wipe in the direction of the bristles.

Step 5
Return to the top of the stool or stepladder. Line up the brush to the right of the finished stroke, overlapping slightly with the edge of the brush. Drag the brush straight down using the same motion to produce a seamless, consistent effect.

Wipe off the brush, roll on another band of glaze, and continue the dragging technique farther along the surface. Start adjoining bands quickly so you always will have a wet edge to help blend the bands together.