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Finish chalk painted furniture

When painting furniture with chalk paint, any brand of chalk paint, you have the option to use antique wax or a clear top coat for finishing. Here are a few tips to consider when waxing chalk-painted furniture.


1. Always wipe down chalk-painted pieces, especially if these have been sanded. You need to remove all dust particles before you apply the finish. A slightly damp cloth can be used to wipe down and then allow a few minutes to dry.

2. The easiest way to apply antique wax to chalk-painted furniture is to use a piece of sponge. Whenever I visit my local fabric store, I also buy a couple of small pieces of cut, medium-density foam that I can cut into smaller pieces to use for applying antique wax. A sponge easily gets into detailed sections and edges.

3. To polish the wax after application I use a soft, lint-free cloth. Microfibre cloths won't mess up the finish and give a silky, smooth surface with just a bit of buffing. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for application and drying time.





We use Woodoc Antique Wax for finishing our chalk paint projects. It provides a protective finish that is silky smooth to the touch and has a satin sheen.

If you prefer a more glossy finish for your chalk-painted furniture, buff the wax finish again.

4. When applying antique wax, don't slap it on too thick. You want a consistent layer of wax across the surfaces that dries quickly. Apply too much and it is difficult to even out once the wax hardens.