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Can I paint on fabric?

Yes, depending on the type of fabric you can paint it. Cottons and natural fabrics are easy to paint on, as are some of the poly-cotton blends. Plus, you can use ordinary acrylic craft paints to paint colourful designs onto upholstered furniture, or to make your own funky fabrics!

I love painting on fabric and have used acrylic paint and Rust-Oleum spray paint for a variety of projects. And then I stumbled upon this painted ottoman brushed with bold bright colours that really make it pop.





While an acrylic primer was painted onto the fabric before applying the colours, you can easily use Plascon Polvin white as a primer coat, or any matt paint for that matter. I have tried this before and it works extremely well. Note that fabric is stiff after painting but will soften up with constant use.

The matt primer coat is rather like preparing a canvas or canvas fabric for painting - it stops the paint from bleeding into the fabric. Once you have applied a primer coat feel free to paint on your favourite colours in stripes, checks, florals, or your own unique freehand or copied designs.

After painting on colour, use a warm iron on the reverse side of the fabric to seal the paint into the fabric.