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Paint your way to unique fabrics

Today's acrylic paints allow you to be oh so creative in many different ways. New cushions can cost anywhere from R70 upwards, and much more if you are look for something unique.


Instead of forking out your well-earned cash, why not get creative with fabric and fabric.

Included below is a video that shows you a quick and easy technique for painting pinstripes on fabric.


Print your own designer fabric

Need a quick and easy window treatment? It's so simple to use plain cotton fabric, paint and stencils to make your own designer curtains or blinds. In fact you can use this technique to design a custom fabric to decorate your entire home.

The stencils are so easy to make. Cut out your shapes from thick felt and glue these onto a scrap of timber or board. Use a foam roller to apply a thin layer of paint over the top and then carefully apply to your fabric. Lift off carefully. Reapply paint and stamp the next spot on the curtain.




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