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Tapestry walls with wall stencil

This lovely stencilled wall effect adds a touch of drama to any room in a home. Use Prominent Paints Ultramatt or Ultrasatin and silver craft acrylic to create a dramatic and elegant effect.



Acrylic craft paint (1 colour + silver)
Stencil brush
Masking tape
Sugar soap
Stencil sheeting (acetate sheets)
Craft knife
Stencil mat
Spirit level






1. Prepare the surface by cleaning walls with sugar soap.

2. Mark vertical lines on the wall using a pencil and spirit level.

3. Print out your design and trace onto the stencil sheet. Use a craft knife to cut out designs.

4. Beginning in a corner, tape stencil to your surface. To ensure that your masking tape is not too 'tacky' stick to your clothing two or three times to reduce the tackiness.

5. Apply paint to all cut-out areas of the stencil. It is okay to get paint on the stencil itself, in fact, this is recommended to help prevent paint build up around the edges of the design.

6. Once you have completed the stencil remove it and reposition to repeat the pattern. Tape to your surface and paint.

7. Repeat until all layers of the stencil are complete.

It is essential when stencilling to apply as little paint as possible and to build up in layers until you achieve the desired effect.