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A dining suite goes from dated to divine

If you are looking for a way to update or makeover furniture, treating yourself to a Bosch PFS spray system this Christmas is just the thing. This dining suite went from dated to divine with a coat of two of spray using a Bosch PFS spray system - without any mess or fuss.

The table top had seen better days, but considering that the dining suite is over 50 years old, it was still solid and a few water marks and scratches are easy to remove.





Remove any cushion seat from chairs. If you turn the chair upside down you should be able to see how to remove the chair seat. Where it is glued in place you can easily make a replacement seat using 18mm chipboard, foam and fabric. 

Since the top of the table will be refinished, it was necessary to take apart for spraying all the other sections. If you find that you can't take your table apart, leave the top until last and cover the bottom newly painted section with a canvas dropcloth to protect.

The table and chairs were painted in a creamy white. Before painting, all the pieces were given a rub down with a medium sanding sponge. The finish was still in good condition and sanding down will remove most scratches. Wipe clean with a cloth lightly dampened with mineral turpentine to remove all traces of dust.

If you plan to spray paint furniture outdoors, make sure it isn't too windy or you will end up with bugs and leaves all over the wet paint !

The table top needed the most amount of work. The finish was scratched and full of water marks. Since the top is not being painted, sanding and resealing were done.

Before sanding determine what finish is on the table top. In this case, varnish was applied. If the table wax oiled or waxed, rub down with fine steel wool and mineral turpentine to remove. Depending on how deep the scratches are, start with 80/120-grit sandpaper for deep gouges, and 120-grit for light scratches. Detailed areas, such as the edging around the table, can be sanded with a medium sanding sponge.

After sanding, wipe down with a lint-free cloth and mineral turpentine to wipe away all the dust. At this stage you can decide whether you want to stain the wood darker or leave as is. This table was a bit too orange and an imbuia stain was applied before varnishing with Plascon Ultra - suede .