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How to distress or age a side table

My original decorative side table was simply painted and then waxed with Woodoc Antique wax to protect. But if you want to age and distress the piece, here's how my version of the table came out.


I think the distressed effect gives the side table even more character and gives the table a more authentic vintage look. This technique is an alternative to sanding a piece, and I find it a much better technique if you don't want to damage furniture. At a later stage you can always use RemovAll paint stripper to remove the painted finish.






1. You can use matt acrylic craft paint to add the vintage effect. The best colour is a deep chocolate brown. Dip a small artist's paintbrush into your clean water to wet the brush and then dip into the brown paint. Brush onto detailed areas.

DIY Tip:
I find it best to work upside down on detailed pieces, as it looks more realistic when you turn the piece right side up (if that makes any sense!)

2. Use a slightly damp kitchen sponge to lightly dab away excess paint, so that paint only remains in detailed areas. Rinse the sponge as you work. Dab over this with a dry piece of kitchen towel. This only gives a light effect and you can always go over it again once the first application has dried.

3. Repeat this process on the edges and legs of the table. For the edges, use a very slim artist's paintbrush to draw a thin line along the edge and let this dry. Once dry, wipe the entire table with Woodoc Antique Wax.