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Add interest to a boring wall

If you are looking for an easy way to add interest to a boring wall these colourful circles are right on spot !


Painted circular designs can easily infuse any room in your home with colour, pattern, and personality. Use Plascon Double Velvet for a satin finish or Plascon Cashmere for an absolute matt finish. If you want a more stand out design, add a coat of Plascon Pearl over the top.

It’s simple to create circles in any size that you want, and then arrange them to work for your wall. To get started, you’ll make a paper pattern for each circle. Poke a pin through a piece of paper, roughly in the middle of the sheet. Turn the paper over, and then slip a length of string over the sharp end of the pin. Tie a marker to the opposite end of the string.





Holding the pin with one hand and the marker with the other, rotate the marker around the paper to draw a circle. When you have created templates in the sizes you want, cut them out.

Once you have your perfect circles, you can decide on the arrangement. The paper templates will help you envision different designs before you commit to marking the wall. When you’re happy with the arrangement, use the pin-and-string technique to draw the circles on the wall with pencil.

When you have finished the design, you can start painting. Choose a paint that matches the existing finish on your wall. If the wall is in a high traffic area, be sure to use a washable paint such as Plascon Double Velvet for a satin finish or Plascon Cashmere for an absolute matt finish. You can buy both these products in 1 litre cans and have then tinted in your choice of colours. Use a 5cm tapered brush to outline the edges of the circles. The tapered shape makes it easier to handle the curves.

Fill in the centre of your circle while the outer strip is still wet. Mini foam rollers work perfectly for filling in these sections of the circles. They’re available in the paint aisle at your local Builders Warehouse.