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How to apply a verdigris faux finish or patina

Verdigris allows you to add another element to decor accessories and fittings, such as wrought iron, etc.



Acrylic craft paint - 3 shades of green + base coat
Guilders paste - copper or bronze [or  metallic copper/ bronze acrylic craft paint]
Mutton cloth
Sea sponge






1. Apply base coat of black or dark grey acrylic over the entire surface.

2. Pour first colour into a suitable container and dip the natural sponge lightly into the paint. Dab onto the surface randomly, remembering to turn your hand every so often so as not to have a continuously repeating pattern - cover approximately 85% of the item. Allow to dry.

3. Do not cover the entire surface, leave plenty of space for the remaining colours, and you still want to see the base coat showing through.

4. Continue as above for the next two colours, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next colour. Leave to dry overnight.

5. Apply a small amount of gilder's paste around the edges and to highlight any relief work. Leave this to dry for 1 hour and then polish with a clean cloth.

If you are substituting with metallic craft paint, lightly sponge over the entire surface - only randomly covering the object.

When applying the metallic finish, stand back from time to time to look at the object.

Transform burglar bars with a delicate verdigris patina to create a beautiful aged effect.