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Crinkle wrap effect for tiles

Give outdated ceramic tile walls a new look by decoratively painting them in colours you love. Use non-drip enamel paint, as this works well on most matt tiles, but to be certain it will work on yours, brush a small amount on a spare tile or in a discreet spot and allow it to dry before completing this painting project.


I receive many enquiries on the viability of painting tiles and it does work, with the correct preparation and the right paint. Try this paint technique in a kitchen or other rooms as well as in a bath.


Sugar Soap
Denatured alcohol
Wide masking tape
Non-drip enamel in your choice of colours (or have it mixed)
Paper plates
Medium paintbrush
Cling Wrap
Clean, lint-free rags






1. The most important part of this project is to ensure that the tiles are completely clean. Use Sugar Soap to scrub the tiles and rinse well; let dry. Remove any remaining surface residue with denatured alcohol (available at your local pharmacy).

2. Use wide masking tape to mask off the border area and around doors, windows, the ceiling, and the floor.

3. Pour the first colour onto a paper plate and use the paintbrush to apply to the surface of the tile.

DIY Tip:
If you don't want to paint over the grout, use thin tape (automotive tape works well) to mask off the grout lines.

4. Work in small areas so that the paint remains wet. Gently lay squares of Clring Wrap over the painted tiles, pressing the wrap flat with the palm of your hand. Gently peel off from one side.

DIY Tip:
To create more textural variation in the painted design, pounce another bunched-up sheet of wrap over the painted area.

Once the first colour is completely dry, repeat this process for any second or third colours.