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Terrazzo Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints

There's more to chalk paints than you think, and this terrazzo table shows how you can use chalk paint to create a clever effect.


Chalk paint is not just for painting furniture and this terrazzo table shows how you can use a variety of Annie Sloan chalk paint colours to create an interesting finish on ordinary side tables.







Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Pure, Duck egg blue, Antoinette, Paris Grey, Paloma, Coco, Louis Blue and Burgundy

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax, clear

Chalk paint brushes and detail brushes

Clean cloths, lint-free








1. Start by applying a couple of coats of Pure as the background colour for your table, Use a small brush to add Duck egg blue in random splodges over the surface of the table. You want the spots to be as random and imperfect as possible to replicate how chuncks or marble are found in terrazzo.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you wish, you can also paint over the edge of the table to mimic cut terrazzo.

2. Switch to Antoinette to continue adding more paint splodges. Make sure that the splodges don't touch your first marks - just dab the brush in any spot where you see a white space. Load the paint brush with plenty of paint and then push down on the heel of the brush and lift up.






3. Continue to add more paint splodges using all the colours until you run out of white space. The raised paint brings texture to the finished table. Leave the surface to dry thoroughly.

4. Seal the finish with two coats of clear wax applied with a lint-free cloth. Buff if you want the tabletop to have a light sheen; don’t buff, if you prefer a matt finish.

Now that you have mastered this easy technique, why not think about using it on other finishes.

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