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Hand Painting Walls to Decorate your Home

With spring only a month away, now is a good time to collect ideas if you are planning to give your home a fresh update.






Forget about the do's and don'ts when it comes to painting walls and dare to colour-in outside the lines. Freehand painting of walls is not only fun, but it also gives any room a unique finish that is personal, colourful, quirky and one-of-a-kind - and you don't even need to be that great at painting to get it done!



Pop into your nearest Builders store to stock up on acrylic paint in pots or cans, a selection of paintbrushes from small to large, painter's tape, drop cloths and a stepladder if you need one. You might also like to add a few unusual accessories as well if you really want to experiment. A natural sea sponge, some high-density foam to use as a stamp, and anything else you can think of if you want to make shapes as part of the design.









Ready to begin? Put on comfortable clothes and let's get started with some great ideas for you to consider:





A new take on the tread pattern is to use this simple but effective design on a small wall or area that you want to turn into an accent or feature wall. Kristi at painted this cute alcove seating spot with the base coat and then marked the areas for painting with chalk before adding this effect onto the wall.





There are plenty of variations on this type of design and it is entirely up to you how much effort you want to put into the project.









Jessica at designed a hand-painted decorative wall in her closet for cleaning equipment. For her wall design, she used a small stencil to mark the location for the slashes of paint.





Below is another take on the same hand-painted design by Debra at thehomespunstylingco. comFor her project, Debra marked off the wall using a straightedge to ensure that the lines were straight before hand-painting them onto the wall.





Another variation of the simple brushstroke design by gives a laundry room a wake-up. For this design, Sami decided against installing wallpaper in her laundry room, to bring down the cost and make it easier to change when she wanted a new look.





The dragged-down brushstrokes leave an interesting pattern but be sure to mark the wall with true straight lines before you start painting, or you will end up with a disaster on your walls!









Want to Try this for Yourself?

If you are wanting to try hand painting a wall for your home, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you do:


  1. Paint the wall beforehand and allow a couple of days drying time.
  2. Use a spirit level, plumb bob, or laser level to get everything straight.
  3. Draw the design onto the wall before painting. Chalk is the best way to do this as it can be washed away once you are done.
  4. Don't rush the project. It might take more than a day, but it is better to space this over a period of free time to do it properly.
  5. Making a stencil for yourself will provide ease of application. Use a piece of plastic sheet and cut out the designs with a craft knife.







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