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Transform a wall with Rust-Oleum metallic paint pens

This project shows how easily you can transform a boring wall with a Rust-Oleum metallic paint pen. You will find Rust-Oleum paint pens at your local Builders Warehouse store and they come in a selection of metallic colours.

Over at vintage revivals, Mandi uses a sharpie pen for this project but these aren't available here in SA but you can easily substitute with Rust-Oleum metallic paint pens.

I have taken the liberty of adding metric measurements for anyone who would like to do this project.





Rachel advises that you start by drawing your horizontal lines - using a spirit level.  The lines are 45cm apart.  When you are doing a project like this, start at the ceiling and work your way down, that way you will end up with a full design at the top and the broken design at the bottom.