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Front door gets a makeover

They say move or improve, and with the property market the way it is, it's definitely more improve than anything else. But without a large budget to work with I am going to have to make small - high impact - changes here and there.


First on the list is my entrance. My front door has been stained and sealed in a variety of colours and tints but now I am going for a door that is totally different. The entrance hall is dark and I have decided to fit a glass panel door. There is already a security gate and we live in a (reasonably) secure estate - so why not!

The entire makeover will feature in the August issue of Easy DIY magazine, but I'm going to show you a sneak peak.

Whilst I originally consider sanding down the door (again) and painting, the door itself has seen better days. There are gaps around the panels and the door is full of chips and dents, so better to start new and replace. I popped into my local Builders Warehouse and found a really nice door at a fairly affordable price, plus the glass panels will let in lots of natural light and brighten up the space.

I took measurements of the old door and transferred these onto the new door. More often than not you will need to do some cutting off the bottom or sides for a nice fit, and this was the case. I used a jigsaw and clean-cut blade to remove a strip along the bottom edge of the door and then sanding this.





I also transferred the measurements for the door hinges, which need to be recessed 3mm into the side of the door. Owning a Dremel Trio makes cutting rebates a breeze. Simply lock in the cutting bit, set the depth and away you go.

After masking off the glass panels with masking tape and newspaper I used my Bosch PFS spray gun to apply a light coat of paint, and I used Prominent Paints UltraGloss for painting the door. If you don't have a Bosch PFS spray gun you can apply with a paintbrush, but you will also need to apply a wood primer before painting.

With a Bosch PFS spray gun you can control the amount of spray for a light coat that can be absorbed into the wood for a good bond.

It is a good idea to water down the first coat so that it is easily absorbed into the surface of the wood. This prevents peeling or flaking at a later stage. I added about 10% water to the paint pot and mixed well.

Two coats of paint were applied with the Bosch PFS spray system and then lightly sanded with 240-grit sandpaper before another two coats were sprayed on. Be sure to apply paint to the top and bottom of the door, as this is where most problems occur if not properly painted or sealed. The entrance hall is no longer a dark space and is filled with lots of natural light. The frosted glass panes provide privacy and an element of security.