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Paint effects for high impact walls

Liven up a room with paint effects. Modern paint effects still incorporate some of the old techniques, but these walls are anything but dated.


It's so easy to incorporate a splash of design with paint to update a plain room or add high impact to a feature wall. And all you need to do is pop into your local Builders Warehouse and grab a can or two of Plascon paint and Plascon Scumble Glaze.

Graphic designs

In this young girl's bedroom a bold colour blocking technique has been used. Using Plascon Polvin in a matt black, painting on a large black rectangle behind the bed highlights the pretty colours in the room and ties the black furniture - as on the chest of drawers - into the design.

For the graphic butterfly design you can either buy self-adhesive vinyl in black and white to cut out the shapes for sticking onto the wall, or buy a stencil and paint on the designs by hand.



Dragging or Strie

Dragging, or strie, is an easy way to add interest to a smooth surface. The technique is as simple as pulling a dry brush through a coat of wet tinted glaze. It allows a range of looks, including striking, fabric-like weaves like those shown above.

The effect is pronounced when there's a clear contrast between the base- and glaze-coat colours; tones of similar intensity can yield a subtler look. You can also use strie to create a feature panel, similar to that shown below. The colours in the panel tie in with the colour of the dining chairs, creating a striking impact on what would otherwise be a bland wall.


This technique might be an old one, but colour washing still has a place in many a modern setting. Whereas the old technique was simply to rub over the colour, more emphasis is not placed on creating a subtle washed effect . Applying a colourwash effect is one of the easiest paint effects to master.


A colour wash in a bathroom or powder room adds a magical touch to walls. Colour washing is an easy way to create a soft effect on walls without adding textured paint or wallpaper. When choosing colours for colour washing, pick colours from the same colour family, such as pale and medium blues.

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