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Strie paint technique

Strie paint effect is similar to dragging and involves the use of two paint colours, one of which is mixed with scumble glaze, to create a two-tone brushed effect on walls.



Plascon DoubleVelvet, Wall & All or Cashmere in 2 colours (light and darker)
Plascon acrylic scumble glaze
Bucket for mixing
Paint trays
Paint roller
12cm quality paintbrush - or strie brush if you can find one
Clean cloths






Step 1
Paint the wall in your choice of base colour. It is recommended that you use either satin or sheen paint. We are using Plascon Wall & All for easy application and cleanup. Apply the base coat with a roller and allow to dry.

Step 2
For this project we will be applying a darker colour over a lighter base. To apply the base paint, use a roller to distribute the paint over a one metre square section of wall, painting in a "W" pattern.

The mixture that we are using for the strie effect is a mixed combination of paint and scumble glaze, which creates a more transparent colour for our top coat. It also allows you enough time to lay down the pattern as it takes longer to dry. The mixing ratio is five parts of scumble glaze to one part of paint.

The glaze looks milky white, but it dries clear. Measure and pour the glaze into the mixing bucket first, and then measure and pour in the paint. Stir the glaze and the paint thoroughly.

Step 3
Using a quality 12cm brush, apply the top glaze colour to the wall in the direction you want the stripes to run. In this case it will be applied vertically. Apply enough paint to the first run to cover two widths of the strie brush that you will be using. Leave a little paint at the top of the run to pull down with the strie brush.

As you get to the bottom of the wall, rotate the brush handle upward to carry the pattern all the way to the bottom edge.

Step 4
Bring the brush back up to the top of the wall and begin the second pull down. The brush should overlap the first pull by about half a centimetre. The second pull should finish the first vertical run of the strie colour.

Use the above steps to apply another run of the glaze strie colour to the wall. Make the pulls with the strie brush to form the vertical lines.

After two or three passes, wipe off excess paint from the strie brush with a lint-free, cotton rag. When you reach a corner or edge of a wall, the strie brush may be too wide to use. Instead, you can use a natural bristle brush or stipple brush to create the same vertical strie pattern.