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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a House Painter

While painting a wall, or even an entire room, may be a fun DIY project, painting an entire home (especially the exterior) is often too difficult of a task for just one person.


While painting a wall, or even an entire room, may be a fun DIY project, painting an entire home (especially the exterior) is often too difficult of a task for just one person. Instead, it is better to hire an experienced team of professional painters to handle the job for you.

But not all professional painting companies are created equal. Read on, and we'll walk you through everything you need to look out for when it comes to hiring professional house painters.

1. Free Estimates

The benefit of companies providing free or low-cost estimates is that it allows you to easily compare prices between different painting companies. Many companies out there will charge you to come and see the property. But some businesses are willing to send a bulk price over the phone or email for free.

That being said, the price shouldn't be the only determining factor when it comes to picking a painting a company. More than anything, you are going to want a team of people who are going to do the job right and treat your home with respect. But if those people also happen to charge less than the other guys, then that's a win-win.

2. What Do You Need Painted?

Are you painting a newly constructed house? Do you need just a few rooms painted? Or is it everything from interior to exterior and everything in between? Assess what in your home is going to be painted. Try to hire one company that can do all of it so that you can save money and time.

Painting companies like Image Line Painting will paint everything from the exterior right down to the kitchen cabinets. Check with your local painting businesses and see what their services will cover.

3. Do They Clean Up When They Are Done?

Nobody wants to have to pay a team of people to come in and paint their house only to then hire professional cleaners right after. You should do your best to move furniture out of the way before the painters come but when they arrive, they should start the day by covering everything with tarps and mats.

Accidents happen, but actual professionals will take measures to prevent them in the first place. When your painters finish the job, they should make sure they are leaving the space clean and organised. They work for you and thus should make sure that you have a pleasant experience with their services.

4. Will They Repair any Damaged Trim, Drywall, or Soffits While on the Job?

Painting over rotten siding or damaged walls may very well save you time and money, but it's not good for the structure of your home. If there are any impurities in your walls, make sure that your painters fix them before painting over. If they don't, then you could end up with cracking or bubbling paint and have to restart the project all over again.

5. Can They Help You with Paint Colours?

Choosing the colour of your home is a big commitment. It's something you are going to have to look at for years to come. And picking the right one isn't always an easy task. Find a painting company that has been in the business for many years as they will have the experience to know which colours will work best with your kind of home.

Some painting companies even have colour specialists whose jobs are just to help customers find the right colours for them. Painters can also recommend particular brands or types of paints based on the materials your house is made out of.

Remember that when you understand what painting companies can, and should, do for you, you are better equipped at choosing the right one for your home.



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