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How to paint French doors

One of my favourite bloggers is centsational girl, and ever since way back in 2009 I have followed her amazing projects and makeovers. In this project she transforms plain white French doors with a medium shade of teal blue to add a dose of fresh colour.



Since a lot of the products mentioned in the original post aren't applicable to us here in South Africa, I have taken the liberty of substituting local products where applicable, so that you can pop down to your local Builders Warehouse or paint store and get what you need.

Included below you will find a selection of Plascon colours in medium shades of teal that you can take along with you to have your paint mixed.





Plascon Wall & All comes in white and the standard colours indicated on the colour card Wall & All is also available in a wide range of Plascon Inspired Colour expressions tints. It leaves a smooth, suede finish once dry.

Use Plascon Wall & All on French doors that lead outside to a patio or garden, as this product inhibits the growth of mould and fungus, water resistant and easy to keep clean.

Plascon Enamel Doors & Trims is a superior-quality enamel for interior and exterior surfaces and leaves a high gloss finish.

This product comes in a range of colours as indicated on the colour card and is also available in a wide range of Inspired Colour expressions tints


Deglosser - Replace by lighting sanding the surface with 180-grit sandpaper if the doors were previously painted with oil-based paint.

Latex paint - Use acrylic paint as a substitute for latex paint. For doors facing onto the exterior of a home, use a suitable product for exterior finishes.