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Dress up a bathroom wall with stripes

If you have a bathroom that is only tiled partially up the wall, or just around the bathtub and basin, adding stripes balances out the look and adds more interest than just having plain walls. Horizontal stripes also visually enlarge the dimensions of a small bathroom.


Masking tape
Tape measure and pencil
Spirit level
Plascon Double Velvet in your choice of colour
Foam roller
Paintbrushes - for corners and touch-ups
Clean cloths

You will find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.






In this small bathroom, tiles have only been installed in a single layer around the top of the bathtub, and as a splashback for the hand basin. While this idea is perfect for protecting walls from moisture, it leaves a bathroom looking unfinished.

The first step in adding stripes to a wall is to measure up and mark out for the stripes. Use a tape measure to measure out the spacing and then check with a spirit level to ensure that the lines are straight and level. Don't draw a solid line to mark for the stripes, a few feint marks are all that you need and these will be easier to erase once the masking tape is in place.

If your walls aren't smooth and have a bumpy textures, it is important to make sure to press down the edges of the tape into the bumpy texture. Click here for advice on painting textured walls. When rolling paint over the masking tape, only lightly roll to ensure that paint does not seep under the tape. Don’t push the roller up into the tape or you’ll force paint underneath.

Remove the tape while the paint is still wet, which in most cases will be after applying a second coat. While there may be a small amount of bleed under the tape, you can easily touch this up with a small paintbrush.