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How to apply textured stripes on walls

Here's an easy way to add colour, texture and interest to a plain wall and you can use any colour combination. You will need Plascon Double Velvet in two colours, as well as a tin of Plascon Scumble Glaze.


This paint technique provides an eye-catching feature on an accent wall, and it's simple to apply to any room.


Plascon Double Velvet in 2 colour tints from the same colour swatch card
Plascon Acrylic Scumble glaze
Paint trays, 2
Paint rollers, 2 - one with long nap
Masking tape
Wallpaper or whitewashing brush






Prepare the wall by applying the basecoat, which is normally the darker colour tint that you have selected. Let this coat dry.

Mix the second lighter colour to a ratio of 60 percent paint | 40% scumble glaze. The scumble glaze prevents the paint from drying too quickly. Work in a 1 metre wide section (from floor to ceiling) at a time.

Mix the darker colour that you used for the basecoat with scumble glaze, as above. Apply this using the long nap paint roller, working quickly and roughly over the area just painted with the lighter colour. Roll on lightly as you don't want to mix the two layers together too much just yet.

Working from floor to ceiling, stroke the wallpaper or whitewashing brush in an even line from top to bottom. Move across to pull down the next width until the painted section is complete. Repeat this process for the rest of the wall. The paint will take longer than usual to dry.