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Metallic paint effect on furniture

With painted furniture being hot, hot, hot at the moment, I have begun to see another trend appearing - painting furniture in a metallic finish. I think it looks absolutely glam. Little miss penny wenny shows how she transformed a dated dresser into an absolutely gorgeous statement piece.


GOOD TO KNOW: Take your furniture outdoors and place on a dropcloth. It is best to do this when it's not too windy, or you end up using more paint than you need to.

Use Rust-Oleum grey primer over all the surface. Only apply a light coat of paint and it may need two light coats to ensure everything is covered with primer. Once dry, spray on two coats of Rust-Oleum Satin Granite, allowing each coat to dry before spraying on the next coat.

*Now you need to apply a mixture of 1 part paint to 3 parts scumble glaze in a dark grey colour, and using a fluffy nap roller. You still want to see the granite colour underneath, but soften the look a bit.

While this is still wet, run a paint brush ever so lightly over the top to soften the edges. Have a paper towel handy to keep wiping the brush clean.





* I have substitituted this method for the orginal, which uses Ralph Lauren metallic paints that we don't have here in SA. This method works just as well.

Finally, spray a light coat of Rust-Oleum metallic silver over the entire piece to make it shine.

To finish off, the original handles were sprayed with Rust-Oleum hammered finish to match the glimmering shine on the dresser.