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Easy way to apply stencils

Create a wonderfully unique design to walls using this affordable way to stencil on walls.


I found this easy tutorial on Brightside that show how you can affordably apply a beautiful stencil design to walls. Click on the link for more great wall ideas.

This snippet was especially interesting, simply because I have used this method for stencilling for many years. For this project you make your own stencils using plastic file folders. 





Plastic file folders are easy to find at any stationary shop, and they're reasonably priced. To make your own unique stencil design all you need to do is print out a design from the Internet.

1. Working on a self-healing cutting mat, place your design inside the plastic file folder so that you can use a sharp craft knife to cut out the detailing.

2. Once you have cut out the design remove it from the file folder and cut the folder into two separate stencils.

3. Use masking tape at the top and bottom to stick your stencil onto the wall.

4. Use a low-nap or foam roller to paint over the stencil design.

5. Continue painting over the stencil design until completed.

6. Use a second paint colour on the wall.

7. In fact, you can add as many paint colours as you like. Choose your paint colours from colours already in the room.