Paint a ceiling with metallic gold

Add unexpected drama and elegance to a plain dining room with a metallic ceiling trimmed with pine or supawood moulding. The Plascon Metallic range of paints is an effective way to transform a ceiling into a statement. Gold metallic paint bounces light around the room and adds another dimension to a boring dining room.



1 litre Plascon Metallics in gold
Pine moulding to fit around the area being painted
Pattex No More Nails adhesive
Masking tape
Paint tray, roller and 10cm paintbrush

Mitre box and backsaw
Tape measure and pencil


1. Use masking tape to mask off the area to be painted. Make sure to cover any light fittings with tape and newspaper. Move the ladder around as you apply masking tape, rather than over-reaching and risking the chance of an accident.

2. Cover flooring and furniture with a dropcloth before you start painting. It's also a good idea to wear a headscarf or old cap to cover your hair when painting ceilings.

3. Paint the area using a foam roller and Plascon metallic paint. Wait until the first coat is dry before applying a second coat.

4. When the second coat has dried, peel the masking tape at an angle to remove.

5. Measure each side of the newly painted ceiling to determine the cutting length for the pine moulding. Mark the measurement on each piece of moulding.

Make sure to leave equal excess on each end to accommodate the angle.

6. Using the marks as a guide, cut each end of the pine or supawood moulding at a 45-degree angle. In order for the pieces to fit together properly, cut each end in opposing directions. See here for tips on cutting angled corners.

If you plan to paint the pieces before mounting, do this now.

7. Use Pattex No More Nails to glue the moulding to the ceiling. This adhesive has a fair amount of tack, so apply a thick bead to the back of the moulding before pressing in place to secure.