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Adding painted stripes to a bathroom

Painted horizontal stripes fool the eye into thinking that a small bathroom is larger than it is, and for this reason we re-look at painting stripes on walls in a bathroom.



As an affordable option to tiling an entire bathroom, installing a tile splashback above a bathroom basin or vanity, or around a bathtub, cuts down on cost and work in a new or bathroom renovation. The only problem with this is that it leaves a bathroom looking bare and sparse. Painting stripes onto bare walls adds a decorative feature that only costs a tin of paint and a spare weekend.



Whether your bathroom walls are textured or smooth, adding painted stripes onto the wall is a simple project. You will need either a long spirit level or a short spirit level and a straightedge for drawing your lines around the room, as well as masking or painter's tape to mask off the stripes.

This newly decorated bathroom by shows the difference that a single painted stripe can make in a plain bathroom. The only other accessory added was the installation of a pink Austrian blind. The bathroom goes from bland and boring to feminine and pretty, and you can always swap pink for another colour.











Wide horizontal stripes in 2 shades of colour from the same paint swatch are applied to the walls in this pokey guest bathroom. The result is a modern space that is warm and inviting and visually more appealing.








While most acrylic paints are suitable for use in a bathroom, for a longer lasting and more professional finish, use quality paints such as Plascon Double Velvet or Plascon Wall & All. Both of these paints will be able to withstand regular cleaning.


GOOD TO KNOW: Walls need to be completely dry and free from damp prior to application. It is also recommended that you scrub down with sugar soap, rinse and let dry.