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Paint a Lattice Wall Design

See how easy it is to paint a dynamic feature wall with a lattice pattern.


If you have a room that needs a feature wall, this lattice pattern is simple enough to do - with dramatic results. Choose a paint colour that complements the room and see what a difference it makes in your home.


2 Acrylic paint colours for the base and top colour

Masking tape

Paint roller and paint tray

Tape measure and pencil

Drop cloths






1. Mask off any areas where you will not be applying paint, especially skirting board or cornice.

2. Apply a base coat to the wall in your colour of choice. Allow the paint to dry for the specified time - preferably overnight.

3. Use a tape measure to mark the wall for the diamond shapes that form the basis for the lattice pattern. First decide how wide you want the diamond shapes to be across the bottom of the wall, making sure that the number you choose can be evenly divided across the width of your wall with no leftover bits.

GOOD TO KNOW: If your wall is 2400mm wide and you want 300mm size diamonds, divide 2400 by 300 and it gives you 8 diamonds.

4. Start by applying the diagonal lines in one direction, making sure to get the spacing exact between the rows of tape.

5. After making sure the rows are equally spaced, apply the second diagonals in the opposite direction.

6. Before painting, check that all the tape is stuck down onto the wall, particularly along the edges. Now you can paint over the tape in your desired colour.

7. Allow for about an hour before carefully peeling off the making’s tape. Make sure to pull the tape at an angle so you don't spoil the painted finish.

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