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Quick Tip: Paintable Wallpaper

If your walls are not smooth (but not textured) and you don't know what to do, paintable wallpaper might be just the solution for you.


Paintable wallpaper is a conventional wallpaper with a thick top layer and raised pattern that can be painted over with acrylic paint. It's a great way to disguise ugly walls and can also to create a feature wall, or to add interest to other areas.

In store at your local Builders Warehouse, paintable wallpaper is available in various embossed designs and is applied as you would conventional wallpaper. The difference is that paintable wallpaper can easily be painted over.





Tips to paint Paintable Wallpaper

1. After hanging paintable wallpaper wait at least 24 hours before painting.

2. Use a sheen or gloss acrylic over the paintable wallpaper for the design to really stand out. Or keep it classic with a matt or suede paint.

3. Apply paint with a roller indicated for use on semi-smooth to rough surfaces. This will ensure even distribution of the paint over the textured surface.

4. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly if you need to apply more than one coat.