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A Pop of almost Classic Blue with Chalk Paint

Classic Blue is Pantone's Colour Of The Year for 2020, and you can use Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint to easily and quickly transform a plain pine chair into a playful piece that also adds a splash of colour.


You can easily transform almost any piece of furniture with chalk paint, so why not use chalk paint to turn a plain kitchen chair into a colourful addition to your dining room or kitchen. All you need are a few supplies that you can buy at any Annie Sloan stockist.







Annie Sloan chalk paint - Napoleonic Blue

Annie Sloan gilding wax - Warm Gold

Annie Sloan clear wax

Painter's tape

Newspaper or drop cloth


Assorted paintbrushes - flat | detail | wax

120-grit sandpaper - if the chair is varnished with a high-gloss finish









Give the entire chair a light sanding with 120-grit sandpaper. While not absolutely essential, I have found that sanding not only removes any build-up of grime to clean it off, it also provides a more long-lasting finish.

1. Put down some newspaper or a drop cloth and place the chair upside down on your work surface. It's far easier to paint in this way to get into the legs and back of the chair.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't overload the paintbrush with too much paint. You can always add a second layer if you miss any spots or need more coverage.



2. While the chair is upside down, cover all the areas that you can reach before letting the paint dry to flip the chair right-side-up. Continue painting in the same way; a second coat of paint is recommended on the seat and back of the chair for a lasting paint finish.

GOOD TO KNOW: Move around the chair to make sure you don't miss any spots and be sure to get your brush into any crevices or corner.

3. Let the paint dry completely before applying clear wax. You need to apply two coats of wax using a wax brush. The wax finish protects the chair and will protect from everyday wear and tear.

4. When the chair is right-side-up and you have finished applying the main colour, use painter's tape to mask off around the bottom of the legs. Now you can apply the warm gold gilding wax to the bottom of the legs. This adds a warm metallic touch to your painted chair. Carefully remove the tape once the paint has dried.



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