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Paint over previously painted RhinoLite

Here are some tips from Prominent Paints for painting over previously painted RhinoLite.


Before you paint you need to determine the condition of the surface and decide what type of paint was previously applied. Additionally, if any mould or fungal growth is evident this should be treated with Prominent Progold Fungal Wash.

Where paint has peeled or been scraped off and left an indentation, apply one coat of Prominent Plaster Primer to the area, leaving to dry for 16 hours and then fill with Progold Crack Filler. Let this dry and again apply a coat of Prominent Plaster Primer.





Walls that are in good condition should be sanded down with 80- or 120-grit sandpaper and wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth to remove all traces of dust. Any nail heads need to be treated with Prominent UltraPrime and areas with rust sanded and treated in the same way. Note that two coats of Prominent UltraPrime should be applied, allowing 6 hours drying time between coats.

When painting ceilings, fill any gaps between ceiling boards and cornices, or between cornices and walls, with Acrylic Gap Filler. Water marks can be covered with a coat of Prominent Universal Undercoat, or Prominent Damp Cure if there are signs of damp. Note that paint should be stripped off before applying Damp Cure.

Where acrylic paint was used previously you can apply two coats of Prominent Paints Acrylic PVA over the top of this. If an oil-based paint was used previously, apply two coats of an oil based paint (16 hours drying time between coats).