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How to Create a Faux Brick Wall

Looking to add some interest to a bare wall in your home and not a fan of wallpaper? Try this super-easy method for creating a faux brick wall.




Most of the time when I am discussing brick walls it is more about how to make a brick wall more appealing or how to whitewash a brick wall. Having said that, there are plenty of homeowners out there who would love to have a feature brick wall in their home and the rise in sales of brick wallpaper shows how popular this is. So, if you are one of those who like the idea of a face brick feature wall but without the fuss of actually bringing brick cladding into the home or hanging wallpaper, here is an easy solution that lets you complete a faux face brick wall in just a couple of hours with a single can of paint and a sponge.









Paint is the easiest way to replicate the look of brick on a wall. You don't need to go through the hassle of applying and then having to scrape off wallpaper and it is far simpler to simply paint over the wall.



I have included several methods for creating a faux brick wall, but none can be easier than seen in this Instagram post. As you can see, all you need for this method is a large sponge and a tray of paint.



1. Sponge Method


Step 1

The first step would be to use a spirit level to mark the wall for each row of bricks. This is important if you want the rows to flow straight from end to end.



Step 2

Start by painting the wall in what will be the grout colour between the faux bricks, preferably with a matt paint such as Plascon Polvin and then fill a paint tray with your choice of colour for the bricks, in this case white. If you want a more authentic brick colour, simply pour different paint shades into the paint tray but don't mix them together. When you dip the sponge into the paint tray it will pick up the different colours and transfer these onto the wall.







 Shop for a large sponge that is not a solid surface but one that rather has a few bubble holes, as this will add to the finished appeal of the faux brick.




Step 3

Apply a matt - or gloss if you prefer - clear sealer to protect the painted finish and make it easier to keep clean.



Add texture to your faux brick wall by adding white cement to the paint for a chunky effect that will create a raised relief design on the bricks.



Using the sponging method to paint a faux brick wall is an easy way to bring interest and texture to a plain room. Love the bedroom below, where one wall has been painted with a light clay brick colour. It adds just the right amount of impact to this romantic bedroom.


2. White Cement Method

In this method, white cement is used as an alternative to paint. This gives the wall more texture and an almost realistic look. You will find full instructions for this method on


Step 1

Mix white cement with water until it becomes a rich creamy texture. Apply this unevenly to the wall using a trowel and then roughly smooth it until approximately 5mm in thickness.







Step 2

Use a spirit level and your fingers to wipe away what would be the grout lines.



Step 3

Once thoroughly dry, apply acrylic PVA to finish off and apply 2 coats of a matt top sealer for a washable finish.



ABOVE and BELOW: A faux brick wall with white cement after applying to the wall and how it looks after being painted with terracotta and brown acrylic PVA.





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