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Metallic or Pearl stencil design on walls

Seeing all the beautiful stencil designs on the Internet, I am seriously considering investing in an electronic cutter to make my own stencils. Imagine being able to cut your own designs, as and when you need them, for stencilling on walls, fabric and furniture. At the moment I cut all my stencil freehand, which takes ages if they are very detailed.

There are a few local suppliers for wall stencils but the offerings are just not what you can get from international suppliers. Stencilling is one of the fads that hasn't died out, if anything it has become even more popular.

Homeowners are realising the immense savings of using stencils and paints rather than wallpaper to add interest to their home.

This gorgeous damask stencilled panel above the bed is two paint colours, one of which is a Plascon Metallic Gold. The panel behind the bed is painted in Plascon Double Velvet [pale linen] before using a stencil and foam roller to lightly roll on gold paint to create a dark-on-light stencilled design.



Painted bathrooms are gaining a lot of attention where homeowners are looking for a more affordable way to finish a bathroom. With products now available for application to walls to prevent damp, and paints formulated to resist mould and mildew, there's now reason why you can't paint a bathroom rather than tile.

In this guest bathroom a faux bois (fake wood) stencil has been used to apply a dramatic design to the walls. This stencilled design is done using light-on-dark and the stencilling method instantly lightens up the room. Using a random pattern stencil is easier than a repeating pattern, as it doesn't need to be lined up.

This Chinese Ginkgo stencil is great for feature walls, stencilled floors or rugs, and even furniture. The wall shown below was stencilled using metallic silver and gold over a grey base coat. Loan foam roller with paint and then wipe excess onto a paper towel before applying over the stencil. Because placement of the stencil is random - there is no making a mistake.