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How to paint clouds on walls or ceiling

There's something so magical about clouds on walls and ceilings - they make you feel that you are floating on air. I remember as a young girl that my mom painted clouds on the ceiling and I spent so much time lying on my bed daydreaming!

Painting clouds is not as difficult as you may think. It's more like blending colour to create the wispy look of realistic clouds.






Step 1
Start off by painting the walls with a coat of light blue satin acrylic paint and then paint the ceiling with a paler shade of blue (from the same paint swatch) in sating acrylic paint. Using satin will reflect light and give the room a shimmering, cool look.

Step 2
Use a matt white acrylic to apply the main cloud shape onto the wall with a sponge applicator. While you are waiting for this to dry, cut out the same shape in a piece of acetate or plastic sheet - cardboard also works just as well.

Step 3
Apply sprayable adhesive onto the back of your stencil and place this over the main cloud shape. Mix together 1 part white paint with 2 parts scumble glaze and use the sponge applicator to colour in this second part. Remove and reposition the stencil at the other side of your cloud to repeat this process.

Step 4
After each cloud is finished, step down from the ladder and look at the overall effect to get an idea of proportions and perspective.

Step 5
Use a soft, dry brush to lightly blur/smudge the outer edges and to create depth and dimension to the cloud. Dab the brush over the still wet paint and wipe off on a piece of paper towel before continuing.