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Style a Dining Table

When not in use, a dining table sits empty and can look quite sad. So, how do you style a dining table when you're not entertaining?


Unless you have the time - and money - to arrange a centrepiece of fresh flowers on a regular basis, how can you style a dining table when it's not in use. Here are some ideas and inspired ways to add personality to your dining table - without too much effort.

An arrangement of fresh flowers always adds to a room, and the dining table is the perfect place for a vase of fresh blossoms or foliage. But potted plants are just as good for bringing a touch a nature indoors. What you can do is buy a decorative ceramic flower pot or container that can be used to pot up fresh herbs, or fill an attractive container with assorted succulents.

Beautiful orchids are another favourite as a centrepiece for the dining table. These plants are low maintenance and are available in jewel-toned flowers and sculptural forms.

If you like the idea of a natural centrepiece for your dining table, it's easy and inexpensive to cut large leaves such as philodendron and place these in a vase, and these will last for a couple of weeks. Or collect autumn foliage to make a colourful display.

Add personality, colour and texture in an instant with an attractive tablecloth. A tablecloth is also a great way to protect a vintage table - or hide an ugly one! Top off the table with decor and accessories in complementary colours, or add a splash of contrast colour for eye-catching interest.

If you're unsure how to style a blank dining table, the go-to for interior designers is to take a grouping of like objects, of differing heights, and to combine these into a wonderful arrangement - a vignette of sorts for the dining table. The items you choose for the arrangement can be your favourite collectibles - an arrangement of similarly coloured vases in assorted shapes and heights, or items that go with your personal decor style.


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