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Paint Colours you don't want in a Dining Room

When decorating a dining room, the right colour palette can transform a dated space into an elegant room and we show you how.


If you are planning of repainting and decorating a dining room, you want to make sure you choose the right colour palette for walls and trim. There are some colours that are not recommended for a dining room, and there are colours that can transform a dated dining room into a chic and elegant space.







Here are some colour suggestions to consider, and those to avoid:

√   Neutral Hues of Grey

Grey continues to be the go-to colour for decorating any room in the home, and a light or mid-grey tone will let the walls be the perfect backdrop for letting the dining table and chairs be the centrepiece. If you prefer to add splashes of colour, this can easily be done with a few select accessories.

√   Warm Tones of Brown

Light, mid or dark brown tones are wonderful colours to use when decorating a room with antique, vintage or wood furniture. Depending on the colour of the wood furniture or stain, choose a lighter or darker colour to highlight the furniture.



√   Fresh Colours

It may seem a bit odd to recommend a muted yellow or apple green colour scheme for a dining room, but these colours have a way of changing the mood and atmosphere of the space. Yellow is known for its ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and a light or muted yellow will not overpower the space and still make the room inviting and fresh.

Vibrant green hues bring a sense of energy to any room and are ideal if a dining lacks atmosphere or feels dull and boring.

Give these colours a try - you will be surprised at the difference they can make.

Χ   Blue Hues

Did you know that most shades of blue have the effect of suppressing your appetite. Unless you are planning to put yourself and your guests on a diet, steer clear of blue hues.

Χ   Bold Red or Pastel Pink

Red colours have the effect of increasing blood pressure and anger levels and are not conducive to an area where you will be dining and entertaining. Pinks, on the other hand, are so outdated they no longer belong in rooms other than a little girl's bedroom



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