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16 Dining room or kitchen banquettes

Most often referred to as a dining nook, banquettes puts an entirely new spin on dining spaces. The offer an affordable - if done DIY - alternative to the traditional dining table and chairs, and take up far less floor space.

Traditionally banquettes have been pretty bland and boring, but modern design has transformed the banquette into a feature worth considering if your dining room is short on space.

If your DIY skills are up to scratch, you could even build a banquette bench that incorporates storage to stow away seasonal linen, extra crockery, or items that don't quite fit into the storage you already have. Building a banquette is similar to making a storage ottoman: a basic rectangular box with a hinged lid.

A stylish banquette not only serves as a space for dining, it could also be used for entertaining. Add glamour by upholstering the wall to serve as a backdrop for bench-style seating.

Installing a banquette in a kitchen or breakfast room offers a lovely way for the family to gather together for casual meals. It's also serves as a nice place to sit and relax with a good boo



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