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Dining Rooms to Inspire

The dining room is now considered an integral part of your living space, so we put together a selection of inspirational dining rooms to get you started.


casey dunn

No longer relegated to a room behind closed doors, today's modern dining room is put on display as an integral part of your living space. With this area or space now on full view to anyone visiting your home, it makes sense to let a dining room shine with style or reflect your personality.

Whether in use or not, you will want your dining space to highlight a particular theme or add personality to your home, and the easiest way to do this is to keep it as simple as possible. Select furniture that complements your decor or that adds a dash of drama.

jason hartog

While we don't have the same access to a large selection of dining room as our international counterparts, you can still shop around to select a style that fits best. In the event that you just aren't able to find that special piece, there's always the option to have it custom made by a local carpenter, or hone your skills at a DIY workshop and learn to make your own using readily available materials.

To be honest, it has been quite some time since I bought a ready-made piece of furniture for my home - preferring to make my own at a fraction of the cost.

max kim-bee





Modern trends make it even easier to incorporate your own made furniture, with the ability to be able to mix and match a variety of styles to create an eclectic or rustic dining room. This allows you to make your own dining table and surround it with a select of comfortable chair styles.

max kim-bee

With the freedom to mix it up you also have the opportunity to use different materials and combine these to design the perfect setting for your dining room. Take that hand-me-down vintage table and mix it up with raw wood benches and a statement light fitting, and bring it all together with a selection of curated accessories. 

alex hemer

Whatever your decorating style, you can shop around for bargain buys, discover secondhand treasures, or simply give what you have a paint makeover to turn dated or tired furniture into accent pieces that will allow your dining room to be the centrepiece of your home.

buff strickland

No matter the size, with so much freedom to select the right piece of furniture, the ability to combine styles, and the option to upcycle old furniture, you are able to design the perfect dining room or dining space for any home. And if you're still not sure how to proceed or which way to go, find more ideas, inspiration and projects in our Dining section.

kelsey rose

Adapted from article via Good housekeeping.


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