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Tips To Style The Christmas Dining Table

Christmas is the one time of the year where you want to style the perfect Christmas dining table and we have some tips to show you how.


In this feature, we offer some tips on how to style your Christmas table for a beautiful table that sets the right atmosphere for your festive celebrations. From the perfect centrepiece to putting out a gorgeous place setting, we've covered homemade accessories and affordable items that you can use to create the most wonderful Christmas dining table.






Families love to get together to celebrate the festive season, and since so much of Christmas revolves around gatherings at the dining table, you will want to make certain that you have the perfect setting for any gathering. You want to style the table with beautiful embellishments like pretty place settings, candleholders, silverware and glasses that sparkle. But you also want a dining table that lets your guests be excited and overwhelmed. We looked for some of the best Christmas table styling ideas are so stylish, they are sure to get the conversation started.

Natural Greenery

Every celebration, whether Christmas or other, needs a beautiful table setting, and greenery - fresh or faux - is an inexpensive way to dress the table. If you have access to a garden, choose foliage that adds aroma, colour and a touch of nature to your dining table. Think small branches, large pine cones, nuts and berries for a Christmas dining table that is natural and whimsical.







 Combine pine, bottlebrush or eucalyptus sprigs mixed with bright berries and twinkling fairy lights.

There are many different types of foliage that you can pick from the garden. I personally like to use a few sprigs from my Bottlebrush tree, as it gives off a beautiful aroma when placed on the table. I'm also occasionally lucky enough to still have some of the flowers on cut branches, which add a splash of colour to the table. If you don't have a Bottlebrush in your garden, look around for Eucalyptus trees. These grow wild all over the country and are excellent for dressing a table.

For a perfectly styled Christmas table, use a crisp white tablecloth as your base for the table decorations. This will add just the right amount of style and elegance to the table setting. After that, you can use elements such as cutlery, place settings and decorations to highlight the scheme.

Fresh flowers, greenery and tea light or tapered candles in complementary colours will help to create a stunning centrepiece.

add sparkle to christmas table

For a more traditional dining table, combine red and green with rustic touches for the dining table. Layer the table with plain or patterned fabric tablecloths for colour and texture and then add organic coir or straw placemats. Finish off the table with the right cutlery and a mix of pretty candle holders.






Add Some Sparkle

You can't decorate a Christmas table without some sparkle, and there are many ways to add this to your table setting. Every home should have at least one set of Crystal glasses, and you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to buy glasses that have a cut-glass design. I love to shop at Westpack (Gauteng) and they have a selection of cut-glass designs that don't cost the earth.

Do some shopping to find the perfect accents and accessories for your dining table, so that you are all set up to style an elegant table for your family and friends.

Another easy way to add some sparkle to your Christmas dining table is with shimmery accessories. Home Decor stores are filled with a glorious display of festive ornaments and decorations that can be used on the dining table or upcycle your old decorations with some Rust-Oleum Glitter spray. This will save you money by extending the life of last years decorations and you won't have to spend money to buy more.

Metallic accents are still a popular choice, with candle holders, votive, and even metallic chargers for your place settings. Repurpose some of your old baubles and ornaments to fill in any blanks.

Edible Table Decor

It  is indeed a wonderful Christmas table when children "oooh" and "aaah" over the table decorations. And why wouldn't they when there are edible delights on the table!

Edible Christmas table decorations are on-trend at the moment, and if you love decorating your home in a cottage, country or Scandinavian style, edible table decorations are a must-have. Make gingerbread cookies for your place settings and gingerbread houses for the centrepiece. Or you can substitute this with cupcakes and Christmas cake or sugar cookies.

Bake up a batch of sugar cookies and finish these to decorate your Christmas dining table






Candles For Atmosphere

It is so easy to set the mood for your Christmas celebration with candles and Christmas isn't Christmas without candles. Put your candles in a holder that complements the style of your table; if you are going for an elegant Christmas dining table think metallic candle holders, for a more rustic table, use wooden candle holders for your tapered, pillar or tea light candles.

When styling your festive dining table, especially if you have a tendency to overdo the decorations, stand back and take a look as you layer the table. Too many table decorations will overpower the table and make it feel cluttered. So keep in mind that less is best if you are hosting quite a few guests at the table. Remember that the festive season is about togetherness and setting the table for good conversation will make everyone feel more comfortable and at home - in your home!



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