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Looking to Refresh your Dining Room?

Yolanda Van Niekerk recently shared her dining room makeover using Tjhoko paint to give her dining table and chairs a new look.







Chalk paint is an easy solution if you want to paint furniture, because it is super-easy to apply and provides a luxury flat matt finish that can be left as is or distressed. Thjoko Chalk Paint is locally made to the same standards as other types of chalk paint and is available in a wide selection of colour options.



Proudly South African, Tjhoko Paint's unique self-sealing chalk paint is water-based and provides a perfectly flat matt finish that can be applied to so many surfaces. Under the holding company, Paint Master, Thjoko focuses on the highest quality and a range of carefully crafted paint colours that are designed to enhance your creations.











One thing we all love about chalk paint is its ease of application. Chalk paint requires zero primer coat and still grips to the painted surface. The smooth and creamy paint is easy to use and leaves no chalky residue on the surface of a project. Thjoko can be applied to all types of furniture where you want a flat or matt finish without the need to apply a top coat or sealant.





Tjhoko paint offers an eco-friendly, washable finish but it is recommended that for added UV and steam resistance you should apply a clear glaze sealer when used for furniture in bathrooms, kitchens and exterior furniture.  All you need to do is read through the guidelines on the lid of the can and apply even coats of paint.





Yolanda Van Niekerk recently shared before and after pictures of her dining room makeover using Tjhoko paint. You can see for yourself the fantastic results she achieved by applying Thjoko paint to the dining table and dining chairs to give them a fresh new look.





Before applying Thjoko chalk-based paint to her dining table and chairs, the dark wood dining table and matching chairs look in great condition but do darken the dining space. Dark furniture has the ability to overwhelm a room and make it feel smaller and more claustrophobic. Being able to lighten this up will do a lot to brighten up the room, as you can see in the image below. What was previously a dark although beautiful dining space is transformed.





Yolanda used Thjoko paint on both the dining table and dining chairs and mentioned that, even though the chairs are upholstered in pleather - faux leather - or vinyl, the result was a definite success.









Chalk-based paints are fantastic for painting furniture and there's not much that you need to do beforehand as concerns preparation. However, for a long-lasting paint finish, you need to do a thorough cleaning of the piece to remove any grease or grime and give it a light sanding with a sanding sponge. It is better to use a sanding sponge over a sander, as it is not as intensive and gently roughs up the finish so that the paint can adhere better to the surface.




Thjoko Paint is available at most hardware stores around the country, or you can do a Google search to find a stockist in your area. You can use Thjoko Paint on glass, laminate or melamine, wood - including varnished surfaces - and metal. No primer is required before application and it is so easy to transform both indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories.





How to apply Thjoko Paint

If you want to makeover a piece of furniture with Thjoko Paint, clean the surface before application and then use a clean paintbrush, preferably a quality brand to prevent bristle loss while painting, to apply the paint evenly over the surface. In most cases, two coats will be required for full coverage. If you prefer a smooth finish without brushstrokes, use a foam paint roller to apply over large surfaces. The result is a smooth matt coat.





Yolanda started with the dining chairs that have a wicker back and pleather upholstery. You will need both a paintbrush and foam roller to cover all the details on this type of chair but try not to let the paint build up in areas, particularly the wicker back, as this will not give a nice finish.









Adding unique details

Not only did Yolanda give the dining table and chairs a new look, but she also added a few extra details that give the dining suite a unique appearance.





On the top of the dining table, Yolanda used a stencil to add chalk finish detailing at one end of the table. She also added Shabby Chic embellishments to the table legs. All-in-all, a job very well done!



If you want to apply chalk paint but want a distressed finish, use an old paintbrush to apply a thin layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly along the edges and any detailing on the furniture. After painting, rub over the areas with a sanding sponge until the wood underneath is revealed.





It is so easy to upcycle a piece of furniture and you can save yourself time and money by using chalk-based paint. Rather than spend money to buy something new, why not give it a try and create a new look for an old piece of furniture.





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