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Summertime table setting

Herbs can be used for more than just in the kitchen. This beautiful summer table setting incorporates a bouquet of fresh herbs that will have all your guests feeling refreshed as they absorb the sight and aromas.


Aromatic herbs refresh the home, filling it with garden scents such as chamomile, rosemary, juniper, lavender and more. Freshly picked garden herbs are a wonderful way to dress up any table, and because they are grown in your own garden, won't cost a fortune.

Instead of a handwritten or printed place card, glue freshly picked herbs onto pieces of card and dress up with ribbon or cord. What could be more simpler and beautiful at the same time.

Crisp white napkins, polished silver cutlery and wrapped with fresh herbs. What a wonderfully unique way to bring the garden indoors to any table setting. A coil of wire surrounded by fresh herbs - rosemary, thyme and lavender - not only look beautiful, but smell wonderful as well.

To keep the rings fresh, store in a sealed plastic bag in the crisper. For perfectly crisp napkins, launder and press linen or cotton napkins with a hot iron before beginning any of the folds.

Small drinking glasses are filled with an assortment of fresh garden flowers and herbs. This elegant breakfast table would be perfect as a table setting for a garden wedding.


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