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How To Style Your Perfect Dining Room

Glittering chandelier, modern furniture and chic accessories are what you need to style your perfect dining room.



Today's dining rooms are spaces that offer the perfect opportunity for your to showcase your style and play around with different styles, colours and incorporate a variety of essential accessories - from the perfect chandelier to a rug that sets the mood or elegant dining, sophisticated entertaining or just down-to-earth family gatherings. What does your dining room say about you?


1. Crown Your Dining Room

While the furniture you place in the dining room sets the setting for the room, the lighting you select as the crown for the room sets the mood and atmosphere - it's like the perfect tiara for a special event. A central light fitting above the dining table should be the centrepiece of the room and you can achieve this with a shimmering chandelier or a contemporary pendant, being the focus of the room and drawing all the attention to the dining table.







The perfect light fitting is one that complements the style of decor you choose for the dining room, but also one that brings just the right amount of drama to the table. Look for a light fitting that fills up the space and draws immediate attention, but do not forget to make sure that it provides the right amount of light.


An important consideration when choosing the perfect light fitting is to select the right type of globes or lamps for the fitting. Unless you are specifically wanting a dining room that is lighted in brilliant halogen light, LED lighting is the way to go. You can choose between warm or cool light, or opt for a level that is almost daylight. The colour of the lamps will have an effect on the atmosphere of the room, with warm lamps offering a romantic glow that works well with traditional style decor, and cool lamps for a modern or contemporary dining room.







2. Be Bold With Art

It is so easy to overlook the dining room when hanging art around the home but today's dining rooms are the perfect place to hang up a bold statement piece. Adding a piece of art to a dining room fills in a blank wall with a piece of art that reflects your style and personality.


When selecting art for hanging in a dining room, or any room for that matter, opt for complementary colours that are already used in the room. Size also matters when it comes to art. Try to fill up the wall as much as possible, whether with a large piece of art or several pieces of smaller works.







Large abstract pieces and black and white photography work well in a modern or contemporary setting, while landscapes and still-life blend more with a traditional dining room, but do try to look for pieces that offer some excitement rather than hanging a bland, flat piece of art.


3. Texture Is Important

Every room in the home needs some texture, whether it is upholstery fabrics or other materials brought into a room. Without texture, a room is flat and lacks balance, whereas a room that has texture feels alive and far more interesting. A rug in the dining room also adds warmth and creates an inviting space and can be used to bring colour and pattern into the room.







Any tactile material used in a room helps add a layer of visual interest to the space, and nothing adds more texture easier than a beautiful rug that grounds the dining table in the room. But it is important that you get the size of the rug correct. A rug that is too small does not look appealing at all, so measure the width and length of the dining table and add 120cm to this to allow for dining chairs.

Choose the material for a rug that is easy to keep clean. A thick pile or shag rug is not usually recommended for under a dining table as this tends to trap dirt too easily and is difficult to keep clean. Natural materials such as coir, seagrass and sisal are durable and easy to clean and bring the perfect amount of texture into a dining room.


4. Details Make A Difference

Adding accessories to your dining room doesn't have to be an expensive exercise. It is so easy to browse secondhand stores and online auction website for vintage accessories, put your favourite collectables on display, or shop at home decor stores for items and accessories that tie in with your decorating theme. If clutter is the bane of your life, there's always an opportunity to incorporate a houseplant or two to finish off the room.


The idea is not to overwhelm the dining room with bits and bobs, but to add finishing touches to a well-executed decorating plan. The cherry on top to put it more in layman's terms. A piece of two to dress up the centre of the table, a plant or two in the room, and perhaps some fine china or heirloom pieces you want to put out on display. Keep it simple.




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