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Decorate a formal dining room

With the surging popularity of kitchen islands, breakfast nooks and intimate banquettes, has the era of formal living rooms gone by the way side?  Maybe it is because I live in a 1920's home that I still like a formal living room for entertaining or maybe it is my more formal nature.  


Even though my dining room is the only room we have for eating, and believe me I wish I had both, it is in the middle of formal and casual and I can swing it either way depending upon how I decorate the table with linens and flowers, which may be the only choice some of you have as well.  


While a more casual approach to family meals is more the norm these days, a traditional dining room large enough for elegant entertaining is starting to once again gain a new found attention.

Included are some formal dining rooms photos of rooms by interior designers around the country - all quite different and beautiful - that may give you some ideas for your own home.

Formal dining rooms can have more intimacy than an open floor plan, they can envelope you into the coziness and comfort of being close together in conversation and in sharing a wonderful meal together.

The addition of a fireplace can be make the room feel warm and cozy in the winter months.  Formal dining rooms can have also be a place for one or two chandeliers, depending on your table size, that can provide extra drama to the room (always put on dimmer switches for these lights) and set the stage for the rest of the decorations in the room.

If you have the luxury of having two rooms for both informal and formal dining areas, then think about making that formal dining area into a gorgeous room you will want to entertain your guests and family for those special times to celebrate being together. 

Your guests and family will feel special if the room is beautiful!

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