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Ideas for Glass Dining Tables

If you fancy the idea of making your own dining table, a glass-topped dining table makes a bold statement and you can select from a wide variety of options for the base.


Glass-topped dining tables are a fantastic option if you fancy making your own feature dining table, and with the top organised you can spend more time thinking about what you prefer for the base of your dining table. A glass-top dining table complements almost any decor style and its reflective surface makes it the perfect choice for a smaller home, or a compact dining area that needs to have the illusion of space.



Glass-top dining tables look stunning in any dining room and create an eye-catching feature at the same time. We put together a selection of glass-top dining tables that you can make yourself without too much effort and that makes a bold statement.

If you decide that a glass-top dining table is the perfect choice for you, make sure to buy your glass from a reputable glass suppliers. Buy glass at least 10mm thick and ask for options on edging and finishing the glass. Most suppliers offer a service that includes bevelled or rounded-off edges. Also make sure to only use safety or tempered glass for a table top.

Keeping it casual in this rustic home in a dining room with lots of natural light highlighting a round glass table top. Finishing off the dining room is a vintage ring chandelier centred over the dining table to create a well designed, comfortable dining space.





This glass-topped circular dining table sits on dark wood and contrasts elegantly with the glass-framed French doors in the background.

Choosing a glass-top for your dining table allows you more freedom to splurge on modern dining chairs that offer both comfort and style. These velvet dining chairs upholstered in emerald green introduce a playful atmosphere in the dining room.



Renowned for his use of bold colour, this Jonathan Adler dining arrangement features jewel-blue velvet dining chairs that frame the simple yet elegant long glass dining table with its brass base. The glass table top has a bevelled edge that gently adds a geometric feature.

Don't think that a glass-topped table is only suitable for contemporary or modern dining rooms. You can quite easily bring a glass-top dining table into a rustic or cottage style decorating scheme. It's all about the base you select for your table and the dining chairs that frame the setting.

In this rustic dining room the wall and ceiling are wrapped with white wood beams that allow the elegant black pendant light to take centre stage above the dining table.

A sophisticated dining room with luxury wallpaper on the walls create the backdrop for this glass-top dining room with  light grey dining chairs. A pair or gorgeous crystal chandeliers illuminate this table with sophisticated style.



Opting for a glass-top dining table allows you to focus on other details. This modern dining room features glass chrome pendants above that reflect on the glass table top surrounded by white wingback dining chairs with nail head trim.  

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