Best Ideas for a Small Dining Space or Dining Room

Filling a small dining space or dining room is not always an easy task when most dining suites are oversized or bulky, but there are options for the perfect dining suite for a small dining room.






After the Covid pandemic, more attention has been placed on togetherness with family and friends and a dining room, no matter how small, is the quintessential space where family and friends can share conversation while enjoying good food. The only problem with a small dining space or dining room is finding the right furniture to fit into the space, whether it is seating for four or accommodating a party of 8, but you don't have to be restricted by the limited choice of options to be found in furniture stores and we explain how to select the perfect dining suite for any small space or dining room.







Make a Glass Top Dining Table

One of the easiest ways to make a dining table is to use tempered glass and have it cut to the exact size you need. The edges can be ground to a smooth finish and you can add your choice of dining chairs to fit around the table. If you shop around for the best price, a glass top for a dining table works out cheaper than buying one and you get to have the glass top cut to a custom size that fits perfectly in the dining space or dining room.





Glass Top for a Dining Table

Glass is one of the easiest materials to consider as a top for a dining table since not only is glass transparent and visually takes up less space, but it is also easy to have glass cut to size which is ideal if you do not have any DIY skills to make your own table top.


Ask for quotes on 10mm-thick tempered (safety) glass - one that includes grinding the edges for a smooth finish. Make sure that you measure the room to determine the amount of space available and include enough space for however many dining chairs you want to add around the table.


An affordable solution to a glass top is to use acrylic, Duracryl, or Plexiglas. These give you just as much durability as glass but are not scratch-proof so will need protection when in use.





A glass top for a dining table lets you choose the shape and size of the table. It does not have to be circular, but this shape does take up far less space and allows for more chairs than a square or rectangular dining table.









Base for a Dining Table

There are plenty of options for the base for a dining table and we have included below a selection of ones you might like:




  • Tree stump base

  • Tree fellers are constantly requested to cut down or trim large trees and the waste from this is either chopped up for firewood or discarded. Anyone interested in using a tree stump, a large section from the top of a tree, or several tree limbs secured together would only have to spend time cleaning and preserving the wood for it to make the perfect base for a table.
  • Wood base

  • Purchasing wood to make a base for your glass top isn't a difficult project and even someone with basic DIY skills and only basic tools or hired tools would be able to do the job and would end up with a one-of-a-kind table base for your custom dining table.
  • Concrete base

  • Cement is another inexpensive solution for making a base for a glass top dining table. All you need to do is make a form (mould) in which to pour the cement mix, leave it to cure and then remove the mould. You can leave raw or you can hire a diamond polisher to give the concrete base a polished and stylish finish. 
  • Steel base

  • Steel has an edgy appeal that makes it ideal for a modern, contemporary, or even a minimalist home. While it may not be as easy as a do-it-yourself project unless you have welding skills, there are plenty of welders out there looking to make extra income and the fun part is that you can design a unique base for your table.
  • Dowel base

  • Last but not least, and probably my most favoured design idea because it is so easy and affordable,  is a dowel base for the glass top. Easy to make if you follow these step-by-step instructions or try another method here, you will find the materials needed to make the dowel table at any Builders store.


Final Note

Now that you have your dining table, all that is left to do is purchase dining chairs. Use the measurements you took of the room to determine how much space is available and, since you can make the glass top dining table to any size, you can decide how many chairs will comfortably fit around the table and into the space.






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