Stylish Table with Pine Half-Rounds or Dowels

This stylish table is made using a cardboard tube, pine half-rounds and your choice of top.




If you need a side table for your living room, family room or even as a bedside table for the bedroom, this pine table is a quick and easy project that can be finished to complement your existing room decor. The full instructions can be found here but I modified them from German to include local materials








The table is made by gluing pine half-rounds around a cardboard tube and then adding the top to finish it off.





Once you have made the base for the side table, you can choose the material for your top. A piece of pine can be cut to fit on top of the base, or you could splurge on a piece of granite or marble for the table top... it's up to you!

While this side table might seem like a difficult project, once you take a look below at how to make the table, you will see that it is actually super easy.





The hardest part of this project was sourcing the cardboard tube for the base. There are suppliers of cardboard cores and tubes and you can always get in touch with them to find out if they have what you need. Or, you can purchase a corrugated cardboard sheet and make your own tube.






Cardboard tube (bought or make your own)

Pine half-rounds, cut to the height of your tube

Table top, cut to fit in choice of material

Handsaw, jigsaw or mitre saw

Wood glue

Sanding sponge, fine or sandpaper


Tape measure and pencil

Choice of finish








1. The table base is made using a cardboard tube and gluing pine half-rounds around this. The top for the table is entirely up to you. You can purchase a piece of laminated pine shelving at Builders and cut this to size, you can invest in a piece of solid hardwood for the top of the table, or you can have a piece of marble or granite cut to size.

2. Cut all the cardboard tube and half-rounds to the correct height, which will be the same as the height of your table. Once cut, sand all the edges smooth.







3. Mark a straight line for mounting the half-rounds. Apply glue and clamp this onto the cardboard tube, using the straight line as a guide. Always check as you work to ensure the half-rounds stay straight.





4. Repeat the above step until all the half-rounds are glued onto the cardboard tube. Sand any uneven or rough edges smooth.




Should you be left with a small gap at the end, you can sand a half-round to fit into the gap, or spread a few of the half-rounds applied last to fill the gap.






Choose a quality paint to finish off your side table. You can use acrylic paint, chalk paint, or any paint you like.








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