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How to make a farmhouse table

In this article I want to show you some awesome ideas for making a farmhouse table. Once you have seen these ideas I'm sure you'll want to rush out and stock up on supplies.


All the farmhouse tables shown here are made from PAR pine and supplies you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.

As the best looking farmhouse table I came across, east coast creative combined two old (secondhand find) tables into a large farmhouse table that would sit the entire family, and friends, and... When Monica and Eric first started thinking about building their own table - when neither of them are woodworkers, they were very unsure. But couldn't have imagined how cool the farmhouse table would turn out. The luck of this project was finding two identical tables being sold for a bargain. While not essential, already having the bases for the farmhouse table cuts down on cost and labour.

The cheap pine top looks awesome. It may get beat-up way faster than a nice oak or maple table, but for only about R600 total, they now have a huge dining room table that can easily fit 14-16 people. The boards were attached to the table with screws underneath, so they are completely out of sight. To attach the two end caps you can use dowels, biscuit joiner or a Kreg Jig.

The pine boards were hammered, dinged and dented to give it a more authentic, aged look and then sanded with 240-grit sandpaper until silky smooth. The finishing touch was a dark grey stain (Antique Oak) and a coat of antique wax for protection.

This beautiful rustic farmhouse table made from reclaimed pine was made by old house crazy, and although it requires a little more work than the farmhouse table above, the finished table looks worth the effort. Techniques for making this table include butterfly joinery and mortise & tenon joints for the legs.

On the table top, five coats of polyurethane varnish were applied. You can see the contrast in colour between the sealed wood of the top and the unsealed wood of the understructure.

Adam and Ashley at domestic imperfection built this farmhouse table and bench out of pine. The joints used were basic lap joints as you can see here, and a Kreg Pockethole Jig for joining the top of the table and top frame sections.

The pine table is given a dark wood stain (African Mahogany or Imbuia) and this is finished with three coats of satin polyurethane where a light sanding with 400-grit sandpaper was done between each coat.

Built from scratch on stories of a house, this chunky farmhouse table has a pine top and thick chunky pine legs. You will find these legs at Wholesale Cabinet Fittings. They cost around R80 each - and at R320/4, plus the PAR pine to make the table, it costs around R1200 to make a complete farmhouse table. And there you have it... four gorgeous farmhouse tables made using PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. Depending on the size of the table, the cost to make is around R1500.


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